Your Booth Size and Location Could be Costing You

When selecting booth spaces for your trade show program, an exhibitor must weigh the importance of the show vs. exhibiting costs. By increasing the size, location or configuration of your selection an exhibitor can maximize the benefits of attending important shows. The costs of upgrading are justified when you look at the increased exposure and impact a change in scenery could give your exhibit.

As an example, increasing the square footage from a typical 10’ x 20’ linear space to 20’ x 20’ island booth space can at least double or even quadruple your exposure to trade show audiences. Finding the most effective location, size and configuration for your exhibit only adds to the success brought by design, promotion, staff and other integral efforts. These are the kinds of options I regularly discuss with my exhibit clients.

The analysis below is easy to read and explains the ingredients to maximize your audience exposure and hopefully increase the quantity of qualified leads.

Analysis of exhibit size and configuration's effect on exposure and traffic

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