There’s No Reason Expo Attendees Shouldn’t Remember You


Imagine an exhibit that helps your products become the talk of the show. The design you’re imagining should incorporate signs that clearly identify your company from all angles on the show floor, display your products in a way that excite and challenge attendees and accurately reflect your marketing and sales objectives.

With cluttered show floors and packed schedules, it’s understandable why trade show attendees might have a hard time remembering what they saw, much less who they talked to. There’s no reason yours shouldn’t be remembered, though.

When your customized exhibit begins with this strategy, you’ll notice the difference. More importantly, expo attendees will notice the difference.

An understanding of your sales strategy, brand challenges and show objectives are the tools an exhibit builder needs to create a functional exhibit that supports your efforts. The basic components should include clean and easy-to-read signage, purposeful exposure of your products and sense-focused product identification like monitors and interactives that increase retention rates. Using this client-focused strategy results in exhibits that make attendees remember you and your products and directly affect your sales activity. It’s a strategy that I believe in and will gladly put to the test for you.

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