The Best Advice I Can Give to IMTS Exhibitors

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Visitors to trade shows like IMTS only have a few days to take in everything exhibitors have to offer. The average attendee only spends just over 9 hours actually visiting exhibits, giving you a very small window to grab their attention and keep it. Crowds, schedules, marketing clutter and mobile devices all take away from this vital time. If nothing else, my experience has taught me one thing: do not add to the chaos by overcrowding your exhibit with too many products or miscellaneous clutter.

IMTS 2012 was one of their largest ever with over 100,000 attendees. Even if IMTS 2014 has only a portion of the record, the sheer number of people crowding booths and talking over each other will be a challenge enough for exhibitors to break through.

How do you overcome it? Less is more. It’s an old but reliable truism. The best way to get and keep a lead interested is by only showcasing what’s absolutely necessary. In the case of IMTS, that generally means only showing the newest technology and keeping your exhibit space an open “oasis” from the craziness of the show.

By keeping your product selection simple you do not risk overwhelming and scaring off passers-by, capture attention with the most exciting technology and really let your brand’s identity shine. This strategy will enhance your selling opportunities and give the most effective impression to the tens of thousands of IMTS 2014 attendees.

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