Hands-On Exhibit at Weftec Show

While exploring this Water show in Chicago last month, I was intrigue with this exhibitors approach to have prospective clients easily interact with their instruments. It a very simple & clean approach to exhibiting. Their audience are the technical laboratory personnel who are the touchy and sensitive types!

There is only 1 issue….They could use some better identification in the booth space? The question I have for you is…How would you handle their identification in their booth space?

5 Reasons Why Trade Shows are Key to Your Marketing Mix

Find out why trade shows could be the best marketing strategy for your business.

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Today, more than ever, marketing is all about relationships. We are continuing to shy away from the traditional practice of just pushing products and, instead, putting an emphasis on building real connections with customers.

Event marketing offers a unique opportunity in this changing industry as you are able to be face-to-face with your audience. What better way to build a relationship with a customer than meeting them in person? Statistics prove it. Here are five ways event marketing can increase sales and why it should be included in your marketing mix.
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Phonak video features new entry wall and listening loft, created by EDE Corporation



I recently worked on creating the entry wall and listening loft at Phonak. The Phonak Audiology Research Center (PARC) is a new state-of-the-art facility where research is done for hearing in real-world settings. In this video tour of the PARC, the Phonak team explains how the PARC will advance the science of hearing aid technology and fitting. See it here: Phonak Unveils its US Audiology Research Center

The Best Advice I Can Give to IMTS Exhibitors

floorplan example

Visitors to trade shows like IMTS only have a few days to take in everything exhibitors have to offer. The average attendee only spends just over 9 hours actually visiting exhibits, giving you a very small window to grab their attention and keep it. Crowds, schedules, marketing clutter and mobile devices all take away from this vital time. If nothing else, my experience has taught me one thing: do not add to the chaos by overcrowding your exhibit with too many products or miscellaneous clutter.

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There’s No Reason Expo Attendees Shouldn’t Remember You


Imagine an exhibit that helps your products become the talk of the show. The design you’re imagining should incorporate signs that clearly identify your company from all angles on the show floor, display your products in a way that excite and challenge attendees and accurately reflect your marketing and sales objectives.

With cluttered show floors and packed schedules, it’s understandable why trade show attendees might have a hard time remembering what they saw, much less who they talked to. There’s no reason yours shouldn’t be remembered, though.

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EDE Wins a B2 Award of Excellence for Toyoda’s Trade Show Exhibit


I am pleased to announce that EDE’s exhibit for Toyoda has been recognized with an Award of Excellence by the Business Marketing Association in its Trade Show Exhibit Over 2,500 Sq. Ft category. As EDE’s representative for this project, I will be on hand at the ceremony on May 30th to accept the honor.

We knew the trade show exhibit would be noteworthy from the start. The strategy focused around deviating from the industry norm which took IMTS 2012 visitors by surprise. Instead of facing the large products outwards towards the main floor, we opted to face the machines inward and channeled attendees in through an internal corridor. This allowed the products, branding and booth staff to surround the visitors. Large signage, a second level with a hospitality room, meeting spaces and conference rooms, interactive product information displays and internal lighting all contributed to the success of the exhibit. Overall, Toyoda saw a 215% increase in booth traffic and a 170% increase in sales compared to the 2010 IMTS show.

To see pictures, please visit this portfolio page.

I look forward to networking with influential trade show and face to face communication professionals at the BLAZE Conference. Hope to see you there!


I attended the 2013 edition of BIO International Convention at McCormick Place this past week. There were many impressive exhibits and products, but one stood out to me in particular.

DSM’s booth was a colorful addition to the hall with an exhibit structure made of recyclable cardboard. It was green, it was eye-catching, it was simple and it was branded. I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures.


DMS at Bio 2103 Chicago

DMS at Bio 2103 Chicago side

Also worth noting is the global BMA conference Blaze. If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

James McElherne is the VP of Sales EDE Corporation, a Chicago exhibit company that designs and builds rental and custom trade show exhibits. Add me on and comment below.

Learning Retention Rates at Trade Shows

Many trade show exhibitors focus on visually standing out from the crowd. I cannot argue that the initial appeal of a booth is a pivotal factor in exhibit design. However, qualified leads do not only have to be drawn to a booth, but they need to remember qualities of the products after an exhausting trip. Exhibitors often rely on beliefs that the products will speak for themselves, but that should not be left up to chance among all the distractions and competition.

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