Exhibits Without Borders: The Psychology Behind Carpet Color

Your trade show exhibit is like a new car showroom. Customers in the aisles sometimes don’t want to come into your booth space for fear of being attacked by your sales persons. These potential customers will stop outside your booth space and leer at your product from aisles—where they feel safe and untouchable.

Carpet floorplan-01

There is an easier way for your potential customers to feel more comfortable to venture into your booth space: by matching the carpet color with the aisle carpet color. By doing this, you will achieve the following results:

  1. Your potential customers will venture into the booth space more comfortable! There is no color distinction and therefore people may naturally migrate to your products, services, and to your sales persons.
  2. Your exhibit will LOOK LARGER! A 20×20 paid floor space will appear to be 30×30 in size.

Note: RENT your carpet. Every show has a different aisle color, so buying multiple carpet colors would get costly. Renting would be a better cost/benefit for future business.

5 Reasons Why Trade Shows are Key to Your Marketing Mix

Find out why trade shows could be the best marketing strategy for your business.

Original post from Inc.com

Today, more than ever, marketing is all about relationships. We are continuing to shy away from the traditional practice of just pushing products and, instead, putting an emphasis on building real connections with customers.

Event marketing offers a unique opportunity in this changing industry as you are able to be face-to-face with your audience. What better way to build a relationship with a customer than meeting them in person? Statistics prove it. Here are five ways event marketing can increase sales and why it should be included in your marketing mix.
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Phonak video features new entry wall and listening loft, created by EDE Corporation



I recently worked on creating the entry wall and listening loft at Phonak. The Phonak Audiology Research Center (PARC) is a new state-of-the-art facility where research is done for hearing in real-world settings. In this video tour of the PARC, the Phonak team explains how the PARC will advance the science of hearing aid technology and fitting. See it here: Phonak Unveils its US Audiology Research Center

Time Flies When You’re Preparing for IMTS


We’re at that time of year when IMTS seems so close because much of your planning is coming together. Some of you have already signed exhibit contracts, some are contemplating designs and some of you are just starting this stage.

At this point in time, all of you should be having meaningful discussions with designers and builders. This is when time starts to fly by. Before you know it we’ll all be together on McCormick Place’s show floor.

No matter what stage in the design process you’re currently in, I am more than happy to discuss exhibiting at IMTS with you. You’ll be able to find me at the exhibitor workshop in Chicago on January 21st if you would like to meet in person there. As always, you can reach out to me any time.

If you haven’t decided on attending any of the IMTS workshops around the US, I highly recommend it. They’re a free planning tool with great speakers.

The Best Advice I Can Give to IMTS Exhibitors

floorplan example

Visitors to trade shows like IMTS only have a few days to take in everything exhibitors have to offer. The average attendee only spends just over 9 hours actually visiting exhibits, giving you a very small window to grab their attention and keep it. Crowds, schedules, marketing clutter and mobile devices all take away from this vital time. If nothing else, my experience has taught me one thing: do not add to the chaos by overcrowding your exhibit with too many products or miscellaneous clutter.

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